Home Appliances Ranked On Energy Usage

electricianMost homes nowadays have at least five or six essential appliances and some others for the added convenience. All of these home appliances use a certain amount of electricity. As we all know, the longer an electric appliance is used, the energy consumption grows bigger. This article will show which appliances eat up the most energy. Any electrician can easily point you towards a few. We’ve listed some of the most energy-hungry appliances from top to bottom.

Here’s our list of appliances based on energy consumption:

#1 heating and air conditioning

HVAC systems came on top of our list since heating and cooling systems take up to 47% of a home’s energy usage. However, the percentage may rise and fall depending on a few factors. The make and model of the system, the frequency of maintenance, and usage patterns all make a difference. HVAC systems came at number one since these heating and cooling a home require lots of energy and sustained use will take up a chunk of the monthly energy bill.

#2 water heater

The second spot goes to the water heater. Again, any appliance that’s designed to produce heat electronically will require a lot of energy. Water heaters are no exception. They come in at number two, taking up 14% of a household’s energy usage.

#3 household lighting

Do you turn your lights off when you leave home? How often do you leave lights turned on? On average, household lighting takes up 12% of the total monthly energy usage which puts it at number three on our list. If any of your lights fail, call a North Myrtle Beach electrician to have them fixed right away. This will save you time and money in the long run.

#4 washer and dryer

How often do you wash your clothes? On average, the combined energy usage of a washing machine and dryer eats amounts to 13% of the total monthly energy usage. If your dryer or washer has any electrical issues, call NMB Electrician Pros right away.

#5 Refrigerator

Every household has at least one fridge. A typical refrigerator takes up 4% of the overall energy usage per month. It must be turned on at all times to maintain cold temperatures. Unplugging the fridge costs more money and potentially spoils your food.

#6 Electric oven

Most household nowadays uses an electric oven rather than a gas-powered one. They are easier to control and provides consistent temperatures all the time. A typical electric oven takes up 3 to 4% of a household’s energy usage.

#7 television

We can all relate that watching television shows is one good way of spending the weekend. It’s one of the home appliances we can’t live without. It is simply ingrained in the culture of the modern household. Luckily, watching TV doesn’t use up that much energy at just 3% of the monthly energy usage.

#8 dishwasher

An average dishwasher accounts for just 3% of the total energy usage. Depending on the type of dishwasher and usage pattern, the overall energy usage could be higher or lower.

#9 computer

The last item on our list is the computer. On average, a household has up to three computers. However, not a lot of time is spent on computers. They don’t also use up that much energy as it only accounts for 1% of the total energy consumption.

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