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If you have grown tired of looking at your lighting fixture for years, maybe it’s time you got an upgrade. Lighting trends change almost every other year. With a constant entry of newer, more alluring designs in the market, it can be tough to make a decision. Of course, you do have to consider the fact that you need to hire an electrician to make all the changes for you. So how can you ensure that you won’t be missing out on anything and regretting any decisions? Check out the rest of the article for a guideline on how to choose the best lighting and the latest trends.

Lighting, electrical safety, and the works

Whenever you consider changing anything electric in your home, you must take into account a number of things. This includes cost, safety, aesthetics, and practical application. Since we’re going to be tackling lighting trends, it’s good to start with the cost. On average, installing new lighting fixtures cost around $454. The prices go up as you browse through the high-end lighting fixtures. Here are the hottest trend in lighting fixtures to date:

Statement light fixtures – these types of fixtures infuse traditional lighting with contemporary touches. They come in all shapes and sizes and are designed primarily to grab one’s attention.

Industrial lighting design – fixtures with this kind of design primarily showcases raw materials. It incorporates sophistication, versatility, and a rugged approach.

Modern lighting décor – primarily involving geometric shapes and patterns, modern lighting décor is fit for homeowners looking for a minimalistic yet classy approach on lighting fixtures.

Wall sconce lighting – the wall sconce has been making a comeback and if growing more popular than ever. Due to more designs coming out in the market, the wall sconce is becoming increasingly appealing among homeowners.

Lighting trends in the kitchen

The trends of kitchen lighting have changed over the years but a few remain on top. Since the kitchen is a dynamic area of the house, it needs to have enough lighting to make sure that every area is well illuminated. Here are the trends in kitchen lighting:

Undercabinet lighting – gone are the days where you need to grab a flashlight just to see what’s inside your kitchen cabinet. Newer lighting fixtures provide lighting under the cabinet, which is normally not illuminated.

Eco-friendly recessed lighting – if you prefer energy-efficient lighting fixtures, you’re in luck. Energy-efficient lighting fixtures are becoming a thing and it’s growing more popular each year.

Bathroom lighting trends

Of course, if there are lighting trends for the kitchen, there will also be trends for the bathroom. A trendy bathroom upgrade is worth the added investment this year. Not only will they serve as aesthetic pieces, they will also boost your home’s value. Contact your local electrician in North Myrtle Beach if you plan on new lighting fixtures in your bathroom.

Mirror lighting – these lighting options offer a blend of functionality and style. This is a must for every kitchen remodeling project.

Dimmer switches – who doesn’t like dimmer switches? Dimmer switches not only make your lights more functional, they also conserve energy.

Consult your local electrical contractor before planning on making any changes to your lighting fixtures. Experts like NMB Electrician Pros can give you useful advice on lighting upgrades.

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