Common Causes of A Busted Electrical Outlet

electrical outletsMany people take electricity for granted up until the time they encounter problems with it. If you discover that one of your electrical outlets are not working, it could be a sign of a serious electrical issue. Listed below are the common culprits of nonworking electrical outlets.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

It is common for a circuit breaker to trip, which causes the electrical outlet to stop working. You can check the panel and then reset the circuit breakers that tripped. If a circuit breaker trips, the knob does not always flip to the other side. There are instances when it sticks somewhere in the middle or close to ON that it is difficult to notice that it actually tripped.

In case a circuit continues to turn off, you may be dealing with an overloading problem. Try to check if you can plug certain items, or you can call a professional electrician who can make the needed changes.

Tripped GFCI Outlet

Contemporary building codes need outlets close to the sinks to be a ground fault circuit interrupter or safeguarded by one. These outlets will turn off on their own whenever they detect an overheat or a short instead of triggered a trip in the circuit breaker.

In case you have an electrical outlet in your kitchen or bathroom stop working, the first thing you need to do is reset all of the GCFI outlets in the affected area. A GCFI that will pop will trigger all of the electrical outlets down the line to cease working. There are instances when an electrical outlet in a different room is wired on the same circuit particularly in older houses and a tripped GFCI in the bathroom is turning it off.

Defective Outlets In Older Houses

Electrical outlets can easily become defective without any reason. Their contacts can easily loosen up and the whole unit might just require some replacement. Since electrical work could be dangerous, it is recommended that you contact a professional electrician North Myrtle Beach. You can easily get injured by just failing to turn off the right outlet at the electrical panel. The improper installation of a new outlet can also lead to a house fire. It may also trigger a situation where people who are using the electrical outlet will get shocked.

Burned Out Electrical Outlets

There are instances when electrical outlets will burn out. A flare or fire can cause the outlet to cease working. In case an electrical outlet starts to spark or shows signs of blackening around the plugs, nobody should use it anymore. Even if the other plug is working fine, the whole outlet must be replaced right away to prevent the possibility of starting a house fire.

Plug another item into the outlet to check if the problem is due to a defective outlet or perhaps the appliance that you are using. Before contacting an expert electrician, be sure to inspect all GFCI electrical outlets in the room as well as the fuse panel or the circuit breaker. In case it is not one of these minor fixes, be sure to search for a highly rated and reputable electrician from NMB Electrician Pros.

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