Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting Tips

electricianIf you are one of those homeowners who only have the time to check the circuit breaker when you tripped the circuits in your home and you need to reset it so the power will be restored. You need to know that a circuit breaker is an electrical safety device that does more than just turning on and off the power in your house. Your electrician can tell you how important this device is to your home.

One of the tasks of a circuit breaker is to protect the electrical wiring of your home from overheating. It is made to detect any electrical overload on the electrical wiring system. It is also designed to sense interruptions in the flow of electrical current. This safety device can help stop electrical blowouts that can result in house fires and physical injuries. A lot of homeowners know the primary function of the circuit breakers. However, many of them have no idea how to fix the problems related to their circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers are made to prevent the flow of electrical current the moment a defect like a short circuit or an overload takes place. Provided below are some tips you need to remember when performing a checkup on your circuit breaker.

Identify The Tripped Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker produces a humming sound if it is overloaded by has not been turned off yet. In the interior of your electric access panel, the tripped circuit breaker lever can be found between the on and off switch.

Test The Circuit Breaker

Inspect the lever by switching it from on to off a few times to determine how lose it is. In case your breaker has no give and is moving easily then it is defective. You have to replace it as soon as possible. Since this requires technical knowledge and experience, it is best to hire a North Myrtle Beach electrician.

Turn Off All Appliances

Turn of all your appliances that are connected to the circuit breaker that’s currently having problems. In order to prevent a surge of electrical power once you reset the circuit breaker, you have to make sure that you switch off the appliance all at once. You also need to call a professional from NMB Electrician Pros in case the circuit breaker keeps on tripping.

Check The Wiring

In case your house has faulty wiring, you can expect your circuit breaker to keep on tripping and might even find yourself experiencing electrical shocks whenever you turn on certain appliances. Don’t do this on your own. It is much better to hire a North Myrtle Beach electrician.

Test Circuit Breaker For Right Voltage

Place one problem of the volt tester to the hot wire’s tip, while making sure that the other tips touch the bare grounding wire in the main electrical box. Utilize the neutral grounding terminal, which will be secured with neutral and ground wires for the probe. You need to change your circuit breaker with a new one in case you determine that the correct amount of voltage present.

Any problem related to the circuit breaker can result in serious issues for your home and put your safety and that of your family at risk. Do not take any risk with your property or your life. Call NMB Electrician now. You may reach us at (843) 491-4489 for more information.

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