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GFCI outletsThe modern man just can’t live without electricity. This incredible force is what keeps us comfortable and makes living at home more enjoyable. However, electricity can also be harmful to humans. Despite being harnessed for daily use, electricity remains a dangerous force. However, there are safety measures developed to keep people in harm’s way by means of electrocution or through electrical fires. GFCI outlets are one of the common safety features that is recommended for every home.

Common electrical safety tips for every household

  1. Replace or repair damaged power cords – it’s often easy to overlook damaged power cords. It’s because they are durable enough to withstand a beating. However, they don’t last forever and they surely are not indestructible. When the insulating layer is torn off, power cords can be deadly. The chances of electrocution is rather high and we all know what that entails. Before usage, make sure that all power cords do not have any lacerations or peeled insulation. Also, make sure that the copper wires inside are not exposed. If damages are found, repair them immediately or have them replaced if needed.
  1. Avoid outlet overloading – the wire that leads to all electrical outlets has a specific load limit. Drawing up too much electricity in one wall outlet at once may cause electrical fires. This is particularly a problem for older homes that haven’t upgraded their electrical system. Newer homes equipped with circuit breakers don’t have much of a problem.
  1. Never use extension cords permanently – extension cords are primarily designed for light and non-permanent use. They also have certain limitations on how long you should use them. It’s perfectly fine to use extension cords for daily projects and other things. However, it is not recommended to use them in place of power cords. Although usable, extension cords are not designed for use 24/7. It’s also better to use extension cords with built-in surge protection for the added safety.
  1. Never use electrical equipment near water – unless the electrical equipment you have is rated water-resistant, you should never use any near water or wet areas. As we all know, water can conduct electricity and when that happens, it is simple an accident waiting to happen.
  1. Use GFCI outlets in North Myrtle Beach – the usage of GFCI outlets is a major steps towards electrical safety. Instead of feeling the wrath of electricity through normal outlets, one that is equipped with GFCI technology won’t give you much of a shock. Instead, you will only be feeling a slight pinch. There are three main benefits of installing GFCI outlets. Here they are:
  • Preventing electrical shocks
  • Promotes safety among appliance circuits
  • Provides electricity flow monitoring

There are a lot of electrical safety measures that a homeowner could apply. However, the main takeaway from all of this is that you will be needing a reliable electrician to handle everything from installation to maintenance. It’s best to hire experts like NMB Electrician Pros for such tasks to achieve optimum electrical safety.

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