FAQs On How To Install Recessed Lighting

recessed lightingUpgrading the lighting in your home can lead to some significant improvements. Not only does proper lighting improve the mood ambiance, but it also provides more space on certain occasions. Upgrading to recessed lighting, for instance, will free up space that would have otherwise been taken up by traditional lighting. There’s are plenty of benefits when you consider switching to recessed lights.

Recessed lighting and its benefits

A lot of modern interior designs make use of a minimalist and clean approach. While traditional lighting fixtures can still work out, recessed lighting North Myrtle Beach has the upper hand. In general, recessed lighting can fit into just any type of design. It is installed flush with the ceiling. This means there won’t be any protrusions or visible distractions. Recessed lighting works for any kind of room. Both high and low-ceiling areas can benefit from this type of lighting. Also, just like any other lighting fixtures, recessed lights come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes.

How are recessed lights installed?

Unlike your regular lighting fixtures, installing recessed lighting requires additional steps. You should consider hiring an electrician should you wish to have some installed. Other than the wiring leading to the fixture, a circular hole must be cut. The holes must be cut according to the specifications of the fixtures.

How are recessed lighting spaced?

Due to the nature of their installation, recessed lighting needs to be spaced just right so there are no dark spots in between a certain area. For 4-inch light fixtures, it is advised to install the lights four feet apart. As for 6-inch light fixtures, the gap needs to be at least six feet. The increment remains the same as the size of the fixtures expands. You might also want to consider the advice of professionals like NMB Electrician Pros for certain areas.

What type of bulbs goes best with recessed lighting?

You can find just about any kind of recessed fixture for any sort of bulb. What really dictates the type of bulb to be used is the application. Incandescent, halogen, or LED light bulbs can all be used.

What size of recessed fixtures should I use?

For residential applications, there are three sizes to choose from. Four, five, and six inches are commonly used for homes. Of course, you can still use other sizes but the ones stated are recommended.

Can I install my own recessed lights?

The short answer is, yes. You may install your own recessed lighting. However, do bear in mind that you need to do the wiring, cut out the holes, attach and secure everything in place. If you want to have recessed lighting installed, have it done by a professional electrician. Don’t skimp on professional electrical services since it is always a better option than DIY electrical work.

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