A Guide To Avoiding Electrical Shock

electricianGetting an electrical shock is an unpleasant experience. Remember that as small as 14 milliamps of electrical current can be lethal and a typical plug in nightlight gets more electrical current than that. There is nothing wrong with being handy with your electrical work. It can help you in maintaining your home, help you cut costs by fixing appliances and even prevent household hazards without the need to hire an electrician. However, you also need to take safety seriously if you plan to tinker your electrical system.

Basics of Electrical Safety

Before you start any electrical work, perhaps one that is required for a home remodel, you need to get your non contact voltage tester first. A live wire has an electro magnetic field that will cause the NCVT to light up and make a beeping sound, which indicates that there is an AC voltage. You do not need to touch an energized conductor for it to function, either. These are sensitive instruments that they give off a signal whenever you go near a voltage source like an electrical outlet, electrical switch,or an energized wire.

The first thing you need to do is to prove that your tools are working correctly. Then switch the circuit breaker off. Check at least one electrical outlet on that circuit using the NCVT. If you are living in an old house, never assume that all of the wires in a box are dead even if you have turned off the circuit breaker. In some cases, a handyman uses an electrical box as the junction box and takes wires into it from a different circuit breaker. These wires can stay energized and may even give you an electric shock.

What To Watch Out For

It is not uncommon in renovation work to expose damaged or dangerous wires or anything that appears suspicious. Some of these may even be lethal. These include knob and tube wiring, burned or partially melted wire insulation or contacts, water leaks in the service panel, or sloppy electrical workmanship by the previous North Myrtle Beach electrician who worked on it.

Safety Checklist

It is recommended that you use an electrical test tool that is up to the recommended safety standards for the setting where it will be used on. This is commonly not an issue for homeowners but this is an important point that a professional electrician needs to be aware of. You also need to remember that you have to only utilize test leads with shrouded connectors as well as finger guards. You also have to check the DMM leads for physical damage before you measure. It is important to use the DMM when check continuity. Utilize meters that come with a recessed input jack and make sure that the tools you use are functioning properly. It is also best if you do not work alone. If you think you cannot do the job or if it is too complicated for you, then call an electrician right away.

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