Why Lights Flicker And How To Solve Them

electricianHave you ever experienced being annoyed by a flickering light bulb at home? What do you think causes light bulbs to flicker and how can they be fixed? While it may seem like a simple issue, a flickering lightbulb can sometimes be a simple sign of underlying electrical issues. This article will shed some light on why lights flicker and what you can do to fix them. DIY lighting repair isn’t always difficult if certain parameters are met. However, the best and reliable solution is to hire an electrician to deal with the issue.

Flickering lights and what they mean

A single light is flickering

If you notice that only one of the lightbulbs is flickering, it’s probably an isolated case. You can fix this problem by tightening the lightbulb. However, if the problem doesn’t go away after the first step, the problem may be caused by a faulty lighting fixture. There could be a gap that keeps the circuit from closing. You could do a little inspection of your own, but an electrician North Myrtle Beach can always do a better job than you.

A number of lights are flickering in the same room

If a bunch of lightbulbs in one room flickers at the same time or simultaneously, don’t panic. It’s not caused by some demonic presence. The problem could come from the electrical system itself. If this is the case, call a residential electrician right away. Only a professional electrician can provide a concrete diagnosis of the problem.

Lights flicker when using electrical appliances

This happens when the lights and electrical outlets are connected to the same circuit breaker and use the same wire. Any single wire used in the electrical system is rated for a set capacity. In other words, there’s too much load in the system and the wiring and circuit breaker can’t keep up. This results in flickering lights and it tends to be annoying especially if you need to cycle your electric appliance.

All lights in the house flicker at the same time

In case all of the lights in your home flicker at the same time, don’t hesitate to call an expert like NMB Electrician Pros. This occurrence happens when there’s a problem with electrical services, loosened service conductors, and other triggers. This type of problem can only be solved by a licensed electrician.

Switch to LED lighting

The good thing about technology is that electrical products become more affordable and efficient. Unlike traditional incandescent lighting, LED lights can provide ten-times illumination at just a fraction of the energy consumption. If you often encounter flicking lights in your home, it may be time to make the switch. In general, LED lighting has become cheaper and more efficient. Also, if you need to have lighting installed, hire an electrician and just skip the DIY altogether. A professional electrician can provide top-quality electrical services.

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