Common Landscaping Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

electrician north myrtle beachAccording to an expert electrician North Myrtle Beach, outdoor lighting should fulfill at least three functions. First, it should allow you or your visitors to safely navigate your yard at night. Second, it must offer an additional layer of security against thieves. Third, it should add focus to any special landscaping feature in your yard. A lot of homeowners approach landscape lighting haphazardly. Most of them fail to plan for the right outdoor approved landscape lighting as well as the method to power them sufficiently. Landscape lighting needs to welcome your guests to your house and it must not make them feel as though they are passing through the border crossing of a dangerous country.

Planning to Fail

According to Benjamin Franklin, “ when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Landscape lighting needs just as much planning like when you are constructing a home. Or else, you will wind up with a mess that will not work. Among the primary mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to outdoor lighting is failing to come up with a good plan, which helps set you up for future growth instead of just focusing on what you need today. Begin your outdoor lighting project by creating a plan that you can finish in several stages, which could include a schematic for lighting elements, electrical lines, as well as bulb types.

Lighting Pollution

The last thing you want to have is a landscape lighting that blazes through the windows of your neighbors at night. If you over light your house, it will cost you more and you will even wind up as the enemy in your neighborhood. Your landscape lighting at night should be subtle and offer illumination for beauty and safety. It must not replicate daylight. Go with lights that have motion detectors in case you want to improve your home’s security. They must be pointing down to the direction of the walkways instead of up or out. The main idea here is to startle thieves and not to blind your neighbors.

The Right Focus

If you would like to concentrate on a specific landscaping design feature or a nice palm tree, do not position the light among the growing foliage. Be sure to place it at an angle wherein it concentrates on the feature. Colored lights will work best for showcasing landscaping features because they are not as bright as white lights, and the interplay between shadow and color produces an exciting effect in landscape lighting schemes.

Lighting Functions

The lighting functions should be separated by focal points. For instance, be sure that the driveway lights is pointing down just enough to brighten up the entrance way to your garage instead of focusing it on the length of the driveway and into the eyes of the driver. For landscape lighting, choose some prominent yard features that you would like to highlight. Also, you do not have to light all the plants in your garden area or landscaping.

Times and Fixtures

A lighting plan that has programmable features or timers can help you save money and provide you with different options. It will provide you with exterior lights that switch on and off on a certain schedule to make it look like somebody is home even when you are on vacation. These features could likewise save you cash with the addition of energy saving lighting elements that are approved for outdoor use.

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