North Myrtle Beach Electrician Tips – 5 Things To Do While Stuck At Home

North Myrtle Beach electricianDue to this pandemic, a number of states issued an order to their residents to stay at home in the meantime. With restrictions in place, people are easily catching cabin fever as a result. However, your local North Myrtle Beach electrician has a few things to help keep you busy during the downtime you have at home. Here are a couple of things that you can do while in lockdown:

Things you can do to improve your home’s electrical system

  1. Check electrical wires, cords, and exposed wires for damages

There’s no better way to explain the dangers of frayed wiring than it can give you a nasty shock. In some cases, electrocution via frayed wires can even prove fatal. With that in mind, it’s important to look out for any damages to electrical wiring. If any are found, you can patch things up with electrical wire. However, if you are not familiar enough, you should leave it to an expert electrician. But since their service is unavailable for now, you can simply stick to the DIY solution.

  1. Check for burnt, flickering, or dimming lights

It’s no surprise to see a few burnt light bulbs in your house. There can be a number of reasons as to why the lightbulbs in your house would flicker, dim, and then die. Your best option at the moment is to replace flickering lights with new ones. At the moment, the professional electrical repair is not available, so you will have to make do with whatever resource you may have at the moment.

  1. Store extension cords

While convenient, extension cords are not really meant for permanent use. They are only there for short-term usage like for a weekend project or if you need to use electrical equipment with no power socket nearby. Unlike the wiring that runs through your home, extension cords are not rated for long-term use.

  1. Add tamper-resistant electrical receptacles

Children can sometimes be a handful and they can poke at anything that they find interesting. It’s no surprise they will find it intriguing to poke stuff into the holes of a wall outlet. It’s pure danger at this point. If in case you have any children at home, be sure that all your wall outlets are tamper-resistant. Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Install tamper-resistant receptacles. This will help prevent children from poking anything into the holes of the wall outlet.

  1. Check the mains panel or breaker box

It’s unlikely that you’ll spend any time checking your breaker box without the pandemic going on. You would likely be having experts like NMB Electrician Pros checking out any issues with your mains panel. However, now that everyone has some time to spare, it will be useful to check out the essential areas of your home’s electrical system. This includes the breaker box. Check for anything that seems out of the ordinary or if any have been tripped. This will easily let you know if anything is wrong and needs fixing.

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