Electrical Safety – Preventing Electrical Fires This Winter

electricianWhile there are a lot of things to be happy about winter, particularly the holidays, there some that are worrisome. It’s quite dreadful to have an electrical problem in the middle of winter. Chances are, you won’t be finding an electrician in winter as you would in other seasons. That’s why fall is the perfect time to gear up for winter and make sure every single electrical component in your home is working accordingly.

Ways to ensure electrical safety and prepare for winter

Keeping your HVAC system maintained

According to statistics, one of the major causes of house fires in the United States is faulty heating. More than 50,000 home structure fires recorded in 2011-2015 alone. That figure alone is enough to urge homeowners to schedule or do their own HVAC maintenance. The heating aspect of HVAC systems is most often the culprit. That’s why you should always have the electrical components of your home heating checked out by a licensed North Myrtle Beach electrician.

Also, keep those space heaters away from any flammable surfaces. While portable space heaters can be a lifesaver in the midst of a spine-chilling winter, they can be equally dangerous. Never leave space heaters unattended. Also, be sure that you are plugging into a reliable wall outlet or extension cable to keep electrical fires at bay.

Keep your generator in check

If you have a whole-home generator installed, be sure that it is maintained properly. In some areas, power outages are not that often. However, when it occurs, power outages could last for days and the only thing that can save you is your trusty whole-home generator. On the other hand, you should keep your generator maintained as it sits idly by for most of the year. Perform required upkeep to avoid electrical issues later on.

Be careful where and with what you cook with

Just like any other day, there will be a lot of cooking done in winter. However, it’s a critical time of the year when temperatures drop below freezing. In most cases, homeowners would cook using appliances with heating elements. To avoid problems, upgrade your existing electrical outlets with GFCI outlets. Unlike your regular wall outlet, GFCI outlets offer superior safety. While your average outlet can give you a nasty shock if you are not careful, GFCIs can help prevent such occurrences.

Hire an electrician

Before winter rolls in, be sure that you ensure electrical safety in your household. This can be done through a number of precautionary measures. One of the more practical approaches you can take is to hire an electrician like NMB Electrician Pros. It is important to consider hiring a professional electrician to maintain your electrical system before winter. Problems can lurk at every corner and go out of control quickly. However, all problems can be discovered and averted when maintenance is carried out at an earlier date.

Don’t let electrical problems ruin your winter. Call NMB Electrician Pros today at (843) 491-4489 to ensure your home’s electrical safety.

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