Summer Energy Saving Tips From Your North Myrtle Beach Electrician

electricianAny professional electrician will tell you that summer is when energy consumption is at its highest. This is why many homeowners seek energy-saving tips to help prevent paying high energy bills every summer. Considering the current state of the economy and the natural resources, it has become important for many people to conserve their energy use.

Here are more energy-saving tips from your local electrician

Use energy-saving light bulbs. There are lots of energy-saving bulbs available in the market today. Experts like NMB Electrician Pros recommend using these bulbs due to their efficiency. Bulbs use less energy – 18 watts to 20 watts – compared to the ordinary bulb which uses 60 watts to generate light. Despite the low requirement of wattage, these bulbs provide the same amount of light as with the ordinary bulb, although there is a slight change in color.

Use an electrical power strip. These power strips prevent the use of excess energy especially when your gadgets and appliances are in standby mode. Keep in mind that even when you switch off or put your electrical appliances in standby mode, it still uses electricity. Instead of plugging and unplugging your electrical gadgets every time you want to use them, consider plugging them into a power strip. You can switch off the power strip at night and every time you’re not going to use your electrical appliances. Using a power strip decreases your energy consumption and eliminates consuming energy that you’re not even using.

Check all your electrical appliances and dispose of or replace inefficient ones. According to a professional North Myrtle Beach electrician, older appliances use more energy than the newer appliances and the latest models, which are specifically designed to use less electricity and conserve energy. The cost of buying newer appliances – although these seem huge at the moment – will prove to be less than the costs you will pay for your electricity bills down the road as well as future costs on electrical repairs.

Limit your use of hot water. You really don’t have much use for hot water in summer so consider turning down or possibly switching off your water heater. In doing so, you use less energy and lower your electricity bill.

Use air conditioners for limited periods of time and use a fan to circulate cool air. Your AC is one of the primary appliances that consume the most energy. Limiting your use of them will result in lowering your energy bills. However, you may find this difficult and challenging this summer when the temperature gets really high. What you can do is use fans right after you switch off your air cooling units. The fans will circulate the cool air and make you feel comfortable despite the hot temperature.

Preprogram your HVAC thermostat. There are programmable thermostats available in the market today that you can use to automatically set up the temperature of your thermostat. In doing so you avoid leaving the thermostat in a very low setting, especially when no one’s at home or when you are sleeping.

To help you with this, listed below are some of the most common claims about saving energy that does nothing and may actually be dangerous to your electrical system.

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Myth #1 – Use electric space heaters instead of turning all the vents to open.

Why would you open your vents in areas of the house where no one is living? That is truly a waste of energy. On the other hand, it is also not wise to use electric space heaters as these use more electricity than all your vents open. This is especially true if you use these space heaters in rooms that are not insulated properly and if you use them frequently. If you really want to save energy, simply close the vents  in rooms that are not used frequently.


Myth #2 – Set thermostat to the maximum to heat or cool the house faster.


Contrary to what most people believe, setting the thermostat to maximum level will not warm or cool your house faster. As what any residential electrician you will encounter will say, your HVAC unit works at a consistent pace regardless of the setting you made. So in reality, you are only urging your system to work harder and longer and, thus, use more energy. Instead of prompting your HVAC to rush in heating or cooling your house, what you need to do is take time to study its timer function so you can figure out how best to set it and the thermostat.


Myth #3 – Turn screensavers on to save your computer’s energy use.


Computer screensavers DO NOT reduce your computer’s energy use. Their only purpose is for people to have something to look at while your computer is on standby mode or something to cover what you are doing on the computer that you don’t want others to see. They do nothing in terms of energy consumption. In fact, they cause your computers to continue running even when no one is really using it. So, in reality, you are actually wasting electricity by running your screensavers.


Myth #4 – Frequently turning appliances and light switches on and off sparks surges in your electrical system.


Professional electricians have explained time and again that turning appliances and light switches on and off does not cause power surges. In fact, they repeatedly recommend turning any appliances and lights off if they are not in use. This is, according to them, the best way to save on your energy consumption.


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