5 Must-Have Electrical Upgrades For Your Home

electricianHaving electrical safety is a must in every household. Without proper safety precautions, it would be dangerous to use even the most basic electrical appliances. That’s why it is important to hire an electrician and inspect your home’s electrical system. A thorough assessment would indicate what you are missing out on and what you need to have installed to ensure that your home is safe from any electrical issues.

Here are the things that you need to ensure electrical safety at home:

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter – an AFCI is a type of circuit breaker that’s designed to keep electrical arcs from causing damage to wiring and other electrical components. Unlike regular circuit breakers, an AFCI will trip once an arc is detected. An unintended arc happens when an arc of electricity jumps from one conductor to another. If this is permitted to happen, electrical circuits could short out and get fried. With the help of an AFCI, major damage is averted.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter – a GFCI is different from that of an AFCI. It is somewhat an upgrade to your everyday electrical outlet. GFCI outlets redirect current leading to an electrical appliance and grounds it to avoid damage. For instance, if an appliance were to short out and electricity is not cut off or diverted, it could possibly lead to an electrical fire. A ground fault circuit interrupter prevents this from happen and possibly saves lives in the process.

Electrical panel upgrades – if your home has been built 30 years ago or older, you might want to consider upgrading your electrical panel. Older homes have dated electrical wiring and components that might no longer conform to the current standards. Call a North Myrtle Beach electrician and have your electrical system inspected. This way, a thorough inspection will be carried out and upgrades can then soon follow.

Surge protection – another safety feature that you should have in your house is surge protection. There are electrical outlets and extension cords that offer surge protection. Some electrical appliances may also come with surge protection already. However, it is advised to have whole-house surge protection installed. Electrical surges happen when there is excess electrical current traveling from the mainline to your home. When an electrical surge happens, it could fry your wiring and appliances if no protection is set in place.

Code compliance – every single part of your home must conform to the local standards set by authorities. You may hire an electrician such as NMB Electrician Pros to check your home and ensure that your entire electrical system is updated and complies with local codes. It is important to hire only a licensed professional electrician for an inspection. Licensed electricians go through regular training to ensure that they are also aware of the latest electrical codes in your area.

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