What are the Best Ways to Replace Your Surge Protector

surge protectorsUnlike diamonds, surge protectors do not last forever. Surge protectors have a finite lifespan. This means that they will eventually stop protecting your electrical devices from power surges. It is often difficult to determine if the surge protector has become a useless power strip. It is obvious that you should replace an old surge protector that you bought ten years ago. If you’re unsure, an electrician nearby can help.

Surge Protector 101

Surge protectors are placed between electrical sockets and the device. They protect appliances from power surges and ensure that they receive a constant voltage. Surge protectors can prevent costly equipment from being damaged by a voltage spike.

They don’t last forever

According to NMB Electrician Pros, surge protectors do not work like magic. They must do something with the extra voltage that is generated by the outlet they are connected to protect them from power surges. The MOV component is a part of a regular surge protector. The surge protector channels the additional voltage to the MOV part if the voltage rises. The element will eventually deteriorate if it is exposed to large surges or smaller surges. This extra energy won’t cause damage to your appliances. Instead, it will remain in the surge protector and deteriorate the MOV. Your surge protector will only withstand so many surges that it ceases to function as a surge protector. Instead, it will become an ordinary power strop which will allow all your devices to continue to work.

What can you tell?

Even if you ask a North Myrtle Beach Electrician nearby, it is difficult to predict when your surge protector will stop working. Some surge protectors have lights that alert you to the problem and inform you when to change your surge protector. These lights are not foolproof and you can’t always rely on them. If your surge protector gives you warnings that it has lost its protection or needs to be replaced, you should get a replacement. You shouldn’t assume that your surge protector from a decade ago is still functional.

When do you need to replace surge protectors?

You are more likely to be in danger the longer your surge protector has been in use. You should replace your surge-protector immediately with whole house surge protection if you are certain that it has been subject to a severe power surge. The life expectancy of a surge protector is not set in stone. Its lifespan varies from one place to the next. This will depend on how many surges are occurring in your region and how much surge protection can absorb. Many people recommend that your surge protector be replaced every two years. If you are unsure if your surge protectors work well, or need to have one replaced, contact an electrician in North Myrtle Beach.

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Is surge protection necessary?

Without a surge protector, a power spike or power surge could shorten the life of your computer, wipe out all of your data, or even completely destroy your system. In fact, you should use a surge protector with any high-end electronic device.

Does a surge protector really work?

Do Surge Protectors Work Against Lighting? The short answer is NO. At least not any surge protector that you can buy for the inside of your house. Even a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with surge protection will not be able to handle a lightning strike that is close by.

What do surge protection devices do?

Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are used to protect the electrical installation, which consists of the consumer unit, wiring and accessories, from electrical power surges known as transient overvoltage.

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