Common Electrical Problems To Look Out For During The Holidays

electricianThe holiday season is here and that means your home is consuming more electricity than it normally does. With so many Christmas lights and decors in your house, there is a good chance that you might run into an electrical issue. It can be a damaged appliance, bad wiring, or perhaps a power surge, electrical issues can take place anytime and in most cases, in the most inconvenient situation. Fortunately, if there is a list of the most common electrical problems, you will also find a list of solutions to make sure that your home stays safe and lit during the holidays. If none of these work, you can always call an electrician.

What Are The Common Electrical Problems and How To Prevent Them

When temperatures fall and snow begins to accumulate, it usually means your home appliances are put to work much harder than the rest of the year. Older houses could be another cause of electrical problems since their electrical wiring are usually outdated. While electrical problems can happen anytime, many of them can be prevented with the appropriate care and maintenance. In order to be safer and better prepared, provided below are seven of the most common electrical problems that can arise this holiday season.

Flickering lights – it is one of the most common electrical problems. There are basic fixes you can try. Make sure that the bulb is screwed in tightly. In case that does not fix the issue, have it replaced with a new one. If nothing happens, the problem might be caused by a bad connection. Repairing any wiring problems need to be left at the hands of a professional and reputable North Myrtle Beach Electrician who can safely fix your light fixture.

Light Bulbs Have Burnt OutLight bulbs that burn too quickly are yet another indication of an electrical problem. The main culprit could be the bulb itself. Perhaps it burns too quickly because of high wattage, made of poor quality, or left on too long. Another reason could be that your power company is sending more power than what your light bulb can handle, thus leading to a shorter life span. Changing the light bulbs in your home with the ones that can take higher voltage is a possible solution.

Non-functional Outlets – In case one of your electrical outlets is nonfunctional, you have to check the other ones as well. In case several outlets are not working, ask your neighbor if they have the same problem. If you are not the only one who has issues with multiple dead electrical outlets, then the problem lies with your power company. You need to get in touch with them right away. If you only have one nonfunctional outlet, then the cause could be a tripped breaker. Try flipping the circuit breaker switch. If this does not resolve the problem then the issue could be the outlet itself. Inspect for discoloration or scorch marks, your electrical outlet may have been burned out and you need to have it replaced by NMB Electrician Pros.

Circuit Breaker Always Trips – Homeowners deal with issues related to tripped circuit breakers. However, if you always encounter this problem, it might be due to a number of issues. First, it could be overloaded. Determine the number of high wattage appliances you use at the same time. Plug a few of your appliances into different electrical outlets. You should also think about upgrading the electrical panel so that it would be able to handle more electrical load. Another reason why your circuit breaker trips is a power surge, which is caused by power outages. Another probable cause is a short circuit. Regardless of what is causing this issue, you need to get in touch with an electrician and have it inspected right away.

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