Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home Or Office

electricianThere are different types of lighting options for your home and office. Some lights are installed indoors and some are designed specifically for outdoor use. Regardless of the application, the installation, repair, and upgrade of lights require an electrician. Each type of lighting serves a particular purpose.

Here are the three types of lighting:

General lighting

General lighting or ambient lighting refers to the primary light source of a given room. The purpose of general lighting is to provide broad lighting for a particular area. It also affects the mood of the area where the lighting is installed which is why it is also referred to as ambient lighting. General lighting can range from non-electric sources to the conventional lightbulbs we know. Natural lighting during the day can be considered the source of general lighting. The fixtures used for ambient lighting can range from recessed lighting to ornate chandeliers.

Task lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is used to provide light for specific tasks. Think of task lighting as localized lights installed to brighten up a particular area instead of an entire room. Task lighting is designed to enhance productivity in general. You can often find them in the kitchen, study area, and in other places where focused lighting is needed. Just like general lighting, task lighting can come from many sources. However, task lights don’t need to consume a lot of power since they are only intended to illuminate a smaller area. Table lamps and desk lamps are some examples of task lighting.

Accent lighting

Unlike task and general lighting, accent lighting leans more on enhancing the aesthetics of a particular area. The main function of accent lighting is to create a focal point for any area where it is installed. It’s important to understand that accent lighting can’t provide enough illumination on its own. In fact, it will only complement general lighting. The illumination provided by accent lighting is more decorative, drawing your eyes to the focal point it created.

Interior lighting options

There are two categories of lighting. One category is designed for indoor use and the other is for outside applications. Either way, an electrician North Myrtle Beach must be the one to install the lights for safety and quality purposes. Here is the commonly used indoor lighting:

  • Architectural lighting
  • Ceiling lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Pendant lights
  • Track lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Wall-mounted lighting

Outdoor lighting

At night, outdoor lighting provides a breath of life to your property. It can transform how the outside of your home looks at night. Here are some of the outdoor lights:

  • Front door lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Porch lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Outdoor wall and ceiling lights
  • Garden lighting

There many types of lighting fixtures all ranging from low to high-powered lights. However, such lights can only function well and last longer if they are installed and maintained by an expert like NMB Electrician Pros. It’s only through a professional electrician that lighting can be done accordingly.

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