Different Types Of Electrical Outlets

electricianHomeowners normally know their homes like the back of their hand. However, when getting into the finer details like electrical work, not everyone can relate. Your electrician knows all about these things and the different types of electrical outlets in particular. There’s a good reason why every homeowner should understand the different types of electrical outlets. First of all, electrical outlets are used all the time. Due to the constant usage, they are the first ones to wear out alongside light switches. Also, wall outlets are among the first things you install when planning a room addition project.

Here are the different types of electrical outlets

120-Volt outlets – among the most common type of electrical outlets you can find are the ones that carry 120 volts. They come in different colors but they are easy to identify from other types of outlets. A 120-volt outlet comes with two identical outlets and each one has three slots. The slot at the bottom is for the ground wire and the other two slots are for the positive and negative connections. Often times, with enough skills and knowledge, a homeowner can easily replace this kind of outlet without hiring a North Myrtle Beach electrician. However, it is recommended that all electrical repairs or installations be done by an electrical professional.

120/240-Volt outlets – another type of electrical outlet that you can find are those that support both 120 and 240 volts. Unlike the common electrical outlet that only supports 120 volts, this type of outlet has four slots. Two are for positive connections, one for negative, and one for grounding. Be sure that when you are buying an electrical appliance that it is compatible with your electrical outlets at home.

240-Volt outlets – unlike a 120-volt or 120/240-volt outlet, outlets that only support 240 volts have different usage and design. They are primarily reserved for use with power tools. They also have four slots but are arranged differently. This is to ensure that no other appliance is plugged into the sockets which could cause damage.

GFCI outlets – the last one on the list is the most useful type of electrical outlet you can install at home. GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter are electrical outlets that are used to prevent electrocution. It operates similarly to a circuit breaker but trips when there’s a short in the system. That’s why you should consider upgrading your old receptacles to GFCI outlets especially if you have children at home.

Hire an electrician

When you have issues with your electrical outlets at home, always hire experts like NMB Electrician Pros to fix the issue. Aside from that, any repairs, upgrades, and or installation must be done by a licensed electrical professional. This is due to certain coding regulations in your area.

Hire a reliable electrical contractor in your area. Call NMB Electrician Pros today and find out more about our service. You may reach us at (843) 491-4489.

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