Electrical Outlets – When Do They Need To Be Replaced?

electrical outletThe kitchen, bathroom, or any other room inside a house has at least one electrical outlet. It’s an integral part of any household. Though electrical outlets typically last for years without breaking down, they also need to be replaced at some point. The huge question is when. There are tell-tale signs that indicate a replacement is due. Here are things about electrical outlets that you need to be aware of.

How to tell when your electrical outlets need replacing

The faceplate is broken – the faceplate of an electrical outlet is more than just a covering. It also serves as protection against arcing. When you notice that the faceplate is either broken or cracked, have it replaced immediately.

The slots have become loose – probably the most common issue anyone would face with a North Myrtle Beach electrical outlet is loose slots. This is normal due to normal usage. The contact points inside the outlet typically get loose when it has reached its usable life.

Faceplate feels warm – when you plug in an electric appliance and notice that the plastic portion of the outlet feels warm, have it checked out by an electrician. The heat is a clear indication that there is significant wear and may become a fire hazard.

Electric shocks are produced – when you receive electric shocks whenever you plug or unplug an electrical appliance, there’s definitely something wrong. It could either be the outlet itself that has an issue, the electrical appliance, or the electrical wiring. Either way, have it checked out by an electrician.

The outlet is no longer working – there are times when the outlet has gone completely dead. Before you think that it is dead, though, check your circuit breaker if anything has been tripped. If there seems nothing wrong with your service panel, it’s time you give your local electrician a call.

Your outlets don’t have any grounding – if you live in an older home, chances are the electrical outlets don’t have any grounding. You will know when there isn’t any grounding on your outlets when you see that there are just two slots for every outlet. Normally, a third slot is included when an outlet is grounded. Another thing to consider is an upgrade to GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupter. These types of outlets help prevent electrical shocks when there’s water or a short circuit in the system.

How to properly care for electrical outlets

  • Use gentle force when inserting or removing plugs.
  • Turn off any appliances before plugging them out of the socket.
  • Always pull the plug and not the cord. Also, don’t pull at an angle to avoid damage.
  • Avoid overloading an outlet.
  • Make sure that all your outlets are checked for issues from time to time.

Always bear in mind that no electrical component of your house can last forever. There will come a time when replacements are needed. When you do find out about issues with your electrical outlets, wirings, or appliances, call NMB Electrician Pros right away.

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