Electrician Tips – Maintaining Home Electrical Safety During The Holidays

electricianThe holiday season is just around the corner. It’s that time of year again when people start to decorate their homes with lighting and other ornaments. However, not all holiday decorations are made with electrical safety in mind. Any local electrician would tell you that some lighting and electronic decorations may come with some risks if not used properly. That’s why every homeowner should make it a point to ensure every type of electrical decoration used is installed in the correct manner.

Here are some tips from electricians for the holidays:

  1. Have all electrical decorations inspected – if you are planning on installing decorative lighting inside and outside your home, be sure that they are all thoroughly inspected. Inspect each light bulb for defects, check the entire length of electrical wire for any exposed areas, and look out for any signs of damage. During the holidays, one of the common causes of house fires is bad decorative lighting. That’s why each one should be checked thoroughly before use.
  1. Avoid overloading electrical outlets – one of the most common mistakes people make is to overload an electrical outlet. Do bear in mind that a single electrical outlet can only bear a certain amount of electrical load. If an outlet is overloaded, it can heat up, melt the faceplate and insulation, and start a house fire in the worst-case scenario.
  1. Limit the use of incandescent lights – unlike LED lighting, incandescent lights use up more electricity and produce more heat. Stringing more than three incandescent lights together is not a good idea. If you want to install more lights, use LEDs.
  1. Keep your Christmas tree from drying up – a dried-up Christmas tree is dangerous for several reasons. First of all, it will put your home at risk of an electrical fire. Dried Christmas trees inside the house can easily catch fire. To ensure electrical safety, always keep your tree fresh by constantly watering it.
  1. Avoid using traditional candles – instead of using wax candles, use battery-operated ones instead. The ones that use batteries are far safer and have little to no risk of causing fires. Check with your local North Myrtle Beach electrician for a list of holiday decorations that won’t hurt your home’s electrical safety.
  1. Keep electrical appliances away from heat sources – never keep any electrical appliances near heat sources or expose them to direct heat. Electrical appliances have the tendency to overheat, short out, and cause fires when sitting next to heat sources.

7. Hire an electrician – the best thing that you can do to prevent any electrical issues during the holidays is to prepare. Every single electrical problem can be avoided by hiring an electrician like NMB Electrician Pros. If you are not sure how to proceed with ensuring electrical safety at home, your best bet is to hire an electrician and have your electrical setup inspected. Don’t skimp on hiring these professionals as they provide valuable services to keep your home safe and comfortable this coming holiday season.

Make sure that you have top-notch electrical safety at home this holiday season! Call NMB Electrician Pros for the best electrical services in North Myrtle Beach. You may reach us at (843) 491-4489.

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