How To Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

electrical outletsBurns and electrical shocks are unfortunate results that may happen when kids play with electrical outlets at home. Kids inserting any foreign object into electrical outlets account for a third of electrical related injuries. A kid’s curiosity can result in tragedy when you only took your eyes away from them for a couple of seconds. One good way to reduce electrical incidents is to childproof your electrical outlets at home. You can do this by installing a tamper-resistant receptacle. It will not only protect your children but also make your entire home much safer.

Getting To Know Tamper Resistant Receptacles

TRRs or tamper-resistant receptacles look a lot like a regular wall outlet in your home. NMB Electrician Pros can help you better understand the differences and advantages of using such outlets in your home. One of its many distinctive characteristics includes having spring-loaded shutters to the metal prongs of the plug could make contact. If a tamper-resistant receptacle is installed, both of the receptacle openings should get pressure at exactly the same time so the shutters can be moved. This prevents accidents whenever children try to insert something into one side of the outlet. Don’t forget to ask your electrician to help you out in case you don’t know where to start.

Importance Of Using Tamper Resistant Outlets

Over the years, outlet covers made of plastic have grown in popularity as a childproofing device. However, these kinds of covers should be taken out every time you have to plug something in and it can be lost or sometimes forgotten, which leaves the electrical outlet exposed once again. These tiny pieces could also pose as a choking hazard for small children. Some kids also learn how to remove the cover by watching their parents do so whenever they need to use the electrical outlet.

According to the 2008 National Electric Cod, tamper-resistant receptacles have to be used for all new home construction. So, in case your house has been built since then, you should already have these receptacles set in place. These receptacles should also be installed in newly renovated houses. In case you are living in an older home then you should consider upgrading your current electrical receptacles for your family’s safety. You should also consider hiring an electrician North Myrtle Beach who can safely install these tamper-resistant receptacles in your house.

The Price Of Tamper Resistant Receptacles

The cost you have to pay when you purchase tamper-resistant receptacles depend on the style of the device that you select. However, they commonly add around 50 cents to the price of every receptacle that will be installed, when compared to an unprotected, standard model. About 75 receptacles in an average house, so updating a whole new house to tamper-resistant receptacles will cost less than $40, which is a small amount to pay if you consider the safety and security of your family.

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