How Lightning And Power Surges Damage Your Home Electronics

surge protectionLightning storms and power surges can devastate your electrical appliances and devices. A massive burst of electricity can fry just about any kind of electrical circuit. In fact, according to 2016 data by the Insurance Information Institute, more than $825 million was paid to claims of over 100,000 as a result of power surges and lightning strikes. Basically, this highlights the dangers and possible implications of power surges and when a bolt of lightning hits your home. Also, such forces call for preemptive measures such as installing whole-house surge protection. Your local electrician can add surge protection wherever necessary.

Lighting and power surges – an alarming amount of damage

Lightning can damage electronics

Just about any kind of electronic device that’s hooked up to an electrical outlet can be affected by power surges. But how is the damage dealt and when? It’s best to understand the principles of electricity and how power surges affect electrical devices. In a nutshell, a power surge happens when there’s a sudden burst of electricity. This can happen in two ways. One is when lightning hits your home and electricity enters the wiring inside your home. The other way is when a massive load of electricity from the mainline suddenly bursts into your home’s electrical system. Without any protective measures, a power surge can damage electronics and more.

Power surges can kill off electrical systems

If the power surge is too great, it could even destroy your home’s electrical system. Everything from the mains panel, the copper wiring, and everything that’s hooked up to your electrical outlets will all be fried. In such events, you should call an emergency electrician. This is to ensure that there will be no risks of electrical fires. Power surges are notorious for causing electrical fires. In fact, hundreds of thousands of house fires are caused by faulty electrical wiring and more.

Large appliance are also affected

If you think that large appliances are not so easily affected, think again. Bigger household appliances are equally in harm’s way when it comes to power surges. That’s why you should call a North Myrtle Beach electrician right away in the event lightning hits your home. An electrician can provide you with different options when it comes to surge protection technology. There are individual surge protectors that only provide protection to one or a handful of devices at one time. Some are more complex but can protect the entire household from power surges.

Hiring an electrician

If a bolt of lightning were to hit your home, don’t panic. Instead, call a professional like NMB Electrician Pros for immediate repairs. At the same time, you should also inform the fire department in case a fire breaks out. If your home is not yet protected by a whole-house surge protector, the damages could be great. On the other hand, having the protective measures in place will limit the damage power surges can inflict.

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