Reasons To Hire A Wiring Contractor

wiring contractorResidential and commercial electric wiring vary greatly. The materials and methods used for the installation are not necessarily the same. Even the electrical contractor that does the task will differ. There are electricians that specialize on residential electrical work. You can also find a wiring contractor that works solely on commercial establishments. The gist of it is that you need to find the right electrical contractor for the job. Also, don’t attempt to do any electrical tasks on your own unless you are a licensed and skilled electrician. Always bear in mind that electrical work is dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents when done by an untrained individual.

Wiring contractor explains the difference between residential and commercial wiring:

To put things into perspective, we’ll look at three factors involved in the installation of electrical wiring for both residential and commercial applications. Insulation, location, and load will be the main factors that we’ll be dealing with.  Here are the difference of the two:


Wiring for residential homes normally come with sheath insulation. This is to protect the wires from external damage and users from electrocution. On the other hand, commercial wiring insulation is more advanced. Commercial wiring insulation is usually made of thermoplastic, high-heat resistant, nylon coated. This will give superior insulation over residential wiring. Also, a wiring contractor North Myrtle Beach, SC is needed to install either type of wiring.


The electrical wiring in homes are usually tucked away from view. Despite being hidden, the wires don’t often have other means of protection. However, wiring for commercial applications are run through tube-like conduits which add more protection and make them easier for an electrician to service.


A regular household wiring uses a single phase circuit of 120 volts with the exception of some appliances that require more power. However, commercial wiring normally uses a 3-phase electrical system. As you could imagine, the way wires are installed vary greatly between applications. Either way, an electrical contractor is needed for the installation and servicing.

Who is fully capable of installing electrical wiring?

Only an electrical expert like NMB Electrician Pros should install electrical wiring for both residential and commercial buildings. Do note that other contractors can make minor alterations to electrical wiring but only certified and licensed electricians can undertake major electrical projects.

Why hire a licensed electrician?

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a licensed electrician. First of all, a licensed electrician knows all the building codes in your area. If you aren’t familiar with them, building codes are regulations that must be followed in order for homes to pass certain safety standards. To install electrical wiring, electricians need to follow certain protocols in order to adhere to the codes. Aside from that, electricians are trained and can perform various electrical tasks.

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