When Should You Repair Or Replace The Electrical Panels?

electrical panelThe electrical panels installed in your home are expected to last for decades. However, we all know that it won’t last for a lifetime. Below are things you need to know regarding when to repair and when to replace your electrical panels.

Signs You May Need a New Electrical Panel

Indoor Lights Frequently Flicker or Dim

Your indoor lights should only dim if it has a dimmer switch. Any other cases of flickering or dimming indicates a problem with your utility company or your electrical panel. Utilities, in some cases, experience lower energy availability or brownouts due to blown transformers or major storms. These are isolated situations, and you will know if they are the cause of your problem when you talk to with your utility company.

In case you notice that your lights always dim, like when using appliances such as hair dryers, microwaves, as well as air conditioner, the electrical panel might have to be replaced. Talk to an electrician so you would know if our home’s electrical panel can still provide you the electricity you need or if it is time for an upgrade.

Faulty Circuit Breakers

Your home depends on circuit breakers to protect its electrical system from both short and overloaded circuits. The breakers function by interrupting the electrical flow if they detect one of these two problems. Though they function automatically, circuit breakers sometimes fail by not being able to prevent the flow in case of a hazardous situation. Broken circuit breakers don’t usually need a total panel replacement. Instead, get in touch with a professional electrician who can fix or change the malfunctioning breaker.

Circuit Breakers Regularly Trip

Circuit breakers usually last for several years without needing a major maintenance, however, when they begin to malfunction, it is time to inspect it. If your electrical system leads to a tripped breaker, you can usually simply reset it and continue its normal use. Breakers that trip constantly, on the other hand, indicate larger problems such as an overloaded circuit.

Homes that are at least 30 years old were originally built with different electrical standards. Although this does not automatically imply that your electrical system is unsafe, it could suggest that the system is not safe.  It could also mean that the system does not support your contemporary demands. Older electrical panels cannot always cater to multiple devices like HDTVs, air conditioners, as well as clothes dryers operating simultaneously.

Constantly tripped circuit breakers as well as overloaded circuits usually need a brand new electrical panel. A North Myrtle Beach electrician can tell you how much power your home requires. The electrical panels of older homes usually top out at 100 amps, but contemporary homes usually have 200 amp panels that will fulfill your family’s electricity needs and have plenty of room for a potential increase in the future.

Warm Electrical Panels

An electrical panel that feels warm or one that emits a slight burning odor usually is a sign of a bigger issue. These problems indicate that the wiring at the back of the panel is exposed or frayed. Since exposed or damaged wires can lead to home fires and loss of your breaker box, it is best to change the whole electrical panel immediately after discovering these problems.

A licensed electrician will take out the electrical pane and check the wiring for potential problems before changing the unit. By updating the electrical panel and receiving experienced advice about the current state of your wiring, you can rest easy knowing that the electrical system of your home is safe.

Electrical Panel Has An Outdated Design

Electrical panels have changed tremendously over time and several designs that were common during the mid-20th century no longer meet the modern electrical needs. In case your panel possesses a split-buss design, which depends on a half dozen breakers rather than a single primary circuit breaker, a replacement might be necessary. This design was able to meet the needs of homeowners four decades ago, however, the number of devices most houses power and the amount of power the majority of homes require today makes these old panels susceptible to an overload.

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