Residential Electrician Tips – Why You Should Have Whole-House Surge Protection

surge protectionAny modern home nowadays relies heavily on electricity. Without electricity, it would be impossible to get by day to day. It’s even worse when the electrical appliances we use at home get damaged due to a sudden burst of electricity or surge. Electrical surges are known to cause major issues in homes. It not only happens when the power goes out and suddenly comes back. Electrical surges could also happen during thunderstorms and lightning just so happens to reach your home. This amount of electricity is highly dangerous for both people and electrical equipment. That’s the reason why electricians normally suggest the installation of surge protection for the entire house.

Tip – call your local electrician for advice on surge protection

Before we proceed any further, let’s talk about the damage that could be caused by electrical surges. A thousand volts of electricity could easily fry your equipment. It could be damaging to humans as well when they get in contact with such power. In general, everyday electrical appliances like televisions, computers, entertainment systems, and more are affected. These appliances normally don’t have surge protection built-in. That’s one of the reasons why surge protection for the whole house is important. Your residential electrician would normally recommend them for various reasons and that also includes safety.

How they work – in general, whole-house surge protection is built into the main electric panel. When a surge of electricity comes in from the mainline, the excess energy is then diverted into the ground wire which dissipates the electricity into the earth. Instead of leading the electricity to the equipment inside the house, the electricity is routed elsewhere which saves your precious electrical equipment.

What surge protectors do – surge protectors are used to preventing the entry of excess energy into the home. Events such as blackouts, power outages, and lightning strikes are among the few instances where electricity can surge into the household. When the power goes back on after a blackout, the initial supplied energy is rather huge. This is where the surge protector kicks in.

What surge protectors can’t do – of course, there are limitations to everything. Lightning strikes are the most damaging forms of electrical surges there are. Lightning strikes could carry huge loads of electricity which could cause the metal to melt on contact. While surge protectors can prevent the entry of excess energy, they can’t totally protect the home from the damaging effects of a lightning strike. The areas that are hit will have some damage. However, the internal electrical system of the home will be left untouched. Always have surge protection in your home. Call your local electrician in North Myrtle Beach for help regarding the matter.

Better yet, call in the professionals like NMB Electrician Pros to have whole-house surge protection installed. Don’t hesitate to have this safety feature installed. If you live in an area that is frequented by lightning storms, it would be a really good idea to have surge protection installed in your home.

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