electrical outlet repairThe humble electrical outlet is a staple in every home. Due to the convenience that they offer, electrical outlets can be found in almost every corner of the house. Given the wide use of electrical appliances, gadgets, and more, electrical outlets are even more important. However, these electrical components will wear out sooner or later. In case you have problem with electrical outlets, you should call your local electrician. In most cases, the electrical outlet repair won’t take too long. However, if the problem is beyond repair, a replacement or upgrade is the next best option.

How do electrical outlets work and when do you need electrical outlet repair?

Basically, electrical outlets are connected to the power supply through a branch circuit. The electrical outlet then relays the electricity to whatever electrical appliance you plug in. In general, electrical outlets can last for decades without needing a replacement especially if you’ve installed some from really good brands.

How long does it take before they wear out?

The exact answer depends on the usage. Do note that your usage pattern might not be the same as other people. The more you use the outlets in your home, the faster they degrade. So, you can expect your outlets if you don’t constantly plug something in and out. However, experts suggest replacing the outlets at least once every 15 years or depending on the condition.

When should I upgrade my electrical outlets?

  1. When there’s visible damage

The most striking reason to upgrade your electrical outlets is when you can see visible signs of damage. These signs often include burnt areas, warped faceplates, or when the outlet no longer holds plugs securely. When that happens, you know it is time for electrical outlet repair North Myrtle Beach, SC or an upgrade. As your electrician about the best course of action.

  1. Your electrical outlet is dated

If your outlets are more than 10 years old, you should consider upgrading them. It is not that they aren’t any good anymore but outlets that last more than a decade might have already sustained some form of degradation.

  1. Your outlets are not grounded

New electrical installations always include proper grounding and that includes every single outlet in the home. If your electrical outlets are not properly grounded, you should call your electrician. Grounding is important, it prevents users from getting nasty electrical shocks whenever plugging in a device or using them.

  1. Outlets in the kitchen and bathroom are not GFCIs

A ground-fault circuit interrupter or GFCI is an important piece of electrical device. It is a residual-current circuit breaker. Basically, it acts fast enough that users will not experience a nasty shock when there is residual electricity.

Who should upgrade my outlets?

You should always make electrical safety a priority in your home. And for that, you should hire an expert like NMB Electrician Pros for any electrical repairs or upgrades. This includes anything related to electrical outlets such as repairs, replacements, or upgrades.

If you need reliable electrical services, you should give NMB Electrician Pros a call. You may reach us at (843) 491-4489.

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