5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Repair

electrical outlet repairElectrical outlets, switches, and plugs are some of the most common electrical components we use every day. That’s the reason why they are more prone to wear and tear. Over time, electrical outlets encounter problems that may call for electrical outlet repair or even replacements. However, not all signs are apparent. You need to familiarize the signs that tell you repair is needed.

Here are signs that tell you electrical outlet repair is needed:

Burnt faceplate

One of the most obvious signs that you need to have an electrical outlet repair North Myrtle Beach, SC is a burnt faceplate. Normally, when this happens, it indicates a problem within the component. There could possibly by a short circuit that melted the plastic. However, the exact cause is to be known. You should hire an electrician to check out your electrical outlet to find out the exact cause of the problem and have it fixed.

Heating surface

Another common sign that you may have already encountered is a hot surface. When the surface of the electrical outlet becomes warm to the touch, there is something wrong. Normally, electrical outlets don’t heat up when in use. Normally, there is nothing inside the electrical outlet that could produce heat. That is why you will know that there is a problem when the electrical outlet starts to heat up the moment you plug something into it. Call your local electrician to have it fixed. There are certain cases where the electrical outlet causes electrical fires. It is best to have the problem fixed right away.

Sparks produced when used

There are certain times when you plug in an appliance and sparks come flying out of the electrical outlet. There’s a logical reason for this. When the switch of your appliance is turned on before you insert the plug. Sparks are bound to be produced. This will happen especially when your appliance consumes a lot of electricity on startup. However, if sparks are produced even when the appliance is turned off and the occurrence becomes more frequent, call an electrical contractor to have it checked out. Always make sure that

Plugs no longer remain secure

When electrical outlets are old enough, they begin to deteriorate. Plugs are no longer kept secure when inserted. It is a pain when you are in a hurry and the plug just won’t stay in place. You should have it checked out by an expert and fixed. This is a common issue especially for older homes where plugs, switches, and outlets are a few decades old. If you need help with upgrading your electrical outlets, call NMB Electrician Pros.

There is no grounding

When you notice that there is no third hole in your electrical outlet, this means that there is no proper grounding installed. It is important that all outlets in your home are grounded. This will make it safer for the user especially when there is residual electricity that could give you a nasty shock.

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