Signs You Need An Emergency Electrician

emergency electricianElectricity is not something you can play with. According to the U.S. Consumers Products Safety Commission said that at least 200 people die every year due to electrocution. Therefore, if you have an electrical emergency, or you feel that’s something is wrong with your electrical system, you need to hire an emergency electrician right away. Always remember that it is better safe than sorry. Provided below are five signs that you need to call a local emergency electrician for help.

Electrical Issue Lasts For More Than An Hour

In case you are having a persistent problem with a light source or perhaps an appliance for more than an hour, you might require preventative repairs performed by a certified North Myrtle Beach emergency electrician. Although it is not always an emergency, which in many cases it could be, so a quick response is required.

No Power

Car accidents and thunderstorms can cause blackouts. In those instances, an emergency electrician is not necessary. But if you call the power company that they say that there’s no outage in your area, you can be sure that the problem is with your home’s electrical system. You will surely need an emergency electrician from NMB Electrician Pros to address this situation for you.

Brown or Black Marks Surrounding Your Outlets

A blackened outlet implies that it might be overloaded and it is definitely hot. It can lead to burnt wiring that can cause a house fire, so be sure to call an electrician immediately after spotting brown or black marks.

Humming Coming From Your Breaker Box

Humming or loud buzzing from your circuit breaker box usually means that there is poor wiring or perhaps a faulty breaker is ignoring the trip. This is very dangerous and you have to immediately call your local emergency electricians to prevent other electrical failures in your house.

Smells Like Something Is Burning

In case you smell burnt plastic as you are walking through your house, you might have damaged electrical wiring in your walls that can immediately cause a fire. In case it is safe to turn the power off to that area of your house, do so. You then need to contact a professional North Myrtle Beach emergency electrician to help you.

In case you notice the above signs in your house, you have to protect your family. Call NMB Electrician Pros now.

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