Myrtle Beach Electricians Share Tips On Energy Efficiency

North Myrtle Beach electriciansAccording to many North Myrtle Beach electricians, energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for many homeowners, especially to those who are looking to generate savings from their utility bills and take better care of their electric appliances.

If you are looking for ways to become more energy efficient, North Myrtle Beach electricians highly recommend starting with your refrigerator as this uses the most electricity among all of your home appliances. Aside from being able to decrease your use of electricity and becoming more eco-friendly, energy efficient use of refrigerators also help improve its functionality and, thus, make it more long-lasting.

Here are some tips from North Myrtle Beach electricians on how you can make your refrigerator more energy efficient.

Properly regulate your refrigerator’s temperature. Avoid using the lowest possible temperature as this would increase energy consumption. It is best not to go beyond the lowest temperature required by the manufacturer.

Make sure the coils at the back of your refrigerator are always free of dust and grime. Keep in mind that dust and grime, when left to accumulate on the coils, could act as heat insulators, thus, making your refrigerator work harder and use more energy.

The more empty space is inside your refrigerator, the harder it will work. It will use more electricity to cool the empty spaces inside. Thus, it is highly recommended to fill your refrigerator as much as possible. Avoid leaving huge empty spaces inside.

North Myrtle Beach electricians also suggest that you place your refrigerator in a cool area of your kitchen. Avoid placing it near other appliances that generate heat when used such as the stove, microwave, and oven. The heat from these appliances could easily transfer to your refrigerator, thus forcing it to work harder in cooling everything you’ve placed inside.

Never place hot food inside the refrigerator. The rise in temperature inside the refrigerator will make it work harder to cool down the sudden rise in temperature and using up more electricity in the process. To avoid this, simply set aside your hot food on the kitchen counter and wait for it to cool down before storing it inside the refrigerator.

According to experienced electricians, you also have to avoid frequently opening the refrigerator door. Remember that it is working to maintain a certain temperature inside (which you’ve set using the temperature dial.) When you open the refrigerator, you risk changing the temperature and, thus, prompting the unit to work harder in cooling everything that is inside.

Cover everything that you are placing inside the refrigerator. It works to cool down every space inside. However, it takes more energy to cool down uneven spaces, which is often most apparent in uncovered food containers.

Make a habit of inspecting the seals of your refrigerator door. A loose seal may cause the cold air to go out, causing temperature inside the refrigerator to increase.

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