Tips On How To Safely Use An Electrical Outlet

electrical outletA worn out electrical outlet can be dangerous. Not only can it potentially cause electrocution, it could also be the cause of a house fire. On average an electrical outlet can last anywhere from 10-15 years. However, the quality, usage, and other factors may impact the lifespan of your outlets. When you see signs that it is starting to malfunction, do not ignore them. As soon as you notice the problems, be sure that you have an electrician fix them right away. Don’t let the problem get worse.

How to safely handle an electrical outlet

If you don’t plan on hurting yourself, you should be more careful when you handle electrical outlets. When you plug anything in, be sure that you are not holding the metal prongs. Instead, hold the plug by the rubber insulator to avoid electrocution. Also, be sure that your hands are not wet. You will be easily electrocuted when your hands are wet. When you see sparks coming out of the outlet when you plug something in, it’s a sign that there is a problem. When the faceplate of the outlet warms up when in use and begins to warp, call your electrician right away.

Have your outlets inspected

There will come a time when your electrical outlet North Myrtle Beach runs into a problem. You don’t need to be alarmed. Instead, call your electrician and have it inspected. In most cases, the outlet simply needs to be replaced. However, there are instances where the problem is beyond the outlet. These problems need to be found and fixed. Electrical fires often happen due to undetected electrical faults. However, all of these could be prevented by a thorough electrical inspection.

Upgrade when necessary

You’ll notice when you need to upgrade your electrical outlets. Noticed that time when the electrical outlet warmed up? That’s a sign that you need to have it replaced. Also, when you plan on replacing your electrical outlets, consider upgrading to GFCIs or ground fault circuit interrupter if you haven’t already.

Protect kids against electrical outlets

Kids are normally curious creatures. However, their curiosity shouldn’t lead to disaster. There are numerous reports of children being fatally injured due to bad encounter with an electrical outlet. Luckily, you can prevent this from happening at home. There are safety plugs that you can buy to seal the electrical outlets when not in use.

Upgrade outdoor electrical outlets

As for outdoor electrical outlets, upgrades should be made. If you haven’t already upgraded you outdoor electrical outlets to GFCIs, you should consider it. Experts like NMB Electrician Pros recommend the installation of GFCI outlets to prevent nasty electrical shocks. Although they would cost you more than the traditional outlets, they offer more safety when used outdoors.

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