Top 5 Lighting Trends In 2019

North Myrtle Beach electrical contractorHave you ever wondered how your home would look like if you went ahead and bought new lighting fixtures? Lighting fixtures may not seem much but with the right design and style, they can transform any space and provide a nice accent to it. If you’ve been planning for some time to change your lighting fixtures, this year is probably the best time to do so. There are plenty of lighting trends available this year that may give you some inspiration to redo some other parts of your home. Of course, before doing any changes to your lighting fixture, it’s a good idea to call a North Myrtle Beach electrical contractor beforehand so the installation could go smoothly. Let’s dig right into this year’s top lighting trends.

Lighting options that offer elegance and electrical safety

Eco-friendly design – with climate change becoming a real problem these days, it’s not a surprise to see a lot of homeowners going for lighting options that offer the least amount of carbon footprint. With eco-friendly lighting designs, energy consumption is typically reduced without compromising style. This option is also popular among DIYers since these types of lighting fixtures can be done completely by hand. Of course, you should always contact your local electrical contractor for assistance installing any type of lighting fixture.

Organic materials – another thing that is gaining popularity among homeowners is the use of organic materials for lighting fixtures. There are designs for lighting fixtures that make use of bamboo and other organic materials. These lighting fixtures are often artisanal pieces but you can always find ones that are mass-produced if you care for consistency.

Industrial style – if you’ve ever been amazed at how the lights are set up at your favorite restaurant, café, or hotel lounge, there’s no reason why you can’t have it at home. This year’s lighting trend includes the industrial style which was also one of the trends in 2018. Industrial lighting fixtures transform everyday rooms into amazing areas. Do consult with your electrician first before buying any industrial fixture to ensure that the installation will go smoothly.

Metallic finish – one theme that is dominating the lighting trend is the metallic finish. Chrome and metallic finishes are always classic. Homeowners looking to sell their homes this year will definitely have better chances with lighting fixtures with a metallic finish.

Accent lighting – there are instances where the need for new ceiling light is not necessary. So how do you add more allure to a particular room without changing existing fixtures? Simple! All you need to do is add some accent lighting to give your room a little bit of flair.

Today’s lighting options have become more diverse than ever. There are LED lights that offer more brightness for less power. One thing experts do note with LED lights is to avoid the integrated models. Instead, choose the modular models that allow for easy replacement of LED bulbs. Of course, the traditional bulbs aren’t going anywhere just yet. They are still here to stay for that classic look. For installation or repair of existing lighting fixtures, call experts like NMB Electrician Pros to ensure that everything is done correctly.

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