When and Why Do You Need To Replace Your Surge Protector?

electrician near meUnlike diamonds, surge protectors do not last forever. They have a limited lifespan and that means at a certain point in time, it will stop providing protection for your gear from power surges. It can be quite difficult to tell if they have become a dumb power strip. However, if you are still using an outdated surge protector, which you might have purchased ten years ago, then obviously, it is time to have it replaced. But if you are unsure, asking an electrician near me can be of great help.

Surge Protector 101

Surge protectors sit between the gadgets and electrical sockets and they protect your appliances from power surges as well as making sure that that they get a constant voltage of electricity. It is possible for a voltage spike, which may have been due to a problem in the power grid to cause damages to your costly electrical equipment, and that is what surge protectors are made to stop.

They Do Not Last Forever

Surge protectors are not magical items. When they get a power surge from the electrical outlet, they are plugged into, they need to do something with that additional voltage to deal with it and protect the connected appliances from it. A regular surge protector utilizes a component referred to as a metal oxide varistor or MOV. If the voltage increases, the surge protector efficiently channels that additional voltage to the MOV component. This element will eventually degrade and once it is exposed to a small number of huge surges or a bigger number of smaller surges. The extra energy will not damage your appliances, it remains in the surge protector, where it deteriorates the MOV. Therefore, your surge protector can only take too make surges before it finally stops working as a surge protector and begins functioning as an ordinary power strop that will allow everything to go through to your devices.

How Can You Tell?

It is impossible to know exactly when a surge protector will stop functioning even if you ask an electrician near me. A few surge protectors come with lights that are made to signal you to this issue and let you know when the surge protector has to be changed. But you cannot always count on these lights since it is not a foolproof system. In case your surge protector is giving you a warning that it is has stopped protecting you or if it needs to be replaced, then you should most likely get a new one. However, don’t assume right away that your decade-old surge protector is still fully functional since the warning light has not come on yet.

So when do you have to replace your surge protectors? The longer it has been used then the more at risk you will be. If you know already that your surge protector has had to take in a serious power surge, you most likely need to change it right away. A surge protector does not have an exact lifespan as it varies from one area to another. It will depend on the number of surges that take place in your area and how many joules your surge protector can absorb. Several people will suggest that you replace your surge protector every two years or so. But if you want to make sure that your surge protectors are working well or if you need one to be changed, then be sure to get in touch with an electrician North Myrtle Beach.

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