Common Question On Installing A Whole House Generator?

generac dealerIf you live in the city, you probably don’t have much need for a generator to power your apartment. However, if you live in the suburb or out in the country where the power is a bit inconsistent, you should get a hold of a generac dealer near you. Unlike smaller portable generators, whole-house generators are stationary and they provide much more power than a portable generator. Having a backup generator to power your home is a very good investment. It protects your household electrical system as well as all the appliances in it. It’s also good to have one in case there’s a major storm that cuts off the power from the mainline.

Here are some frequently asked questions about whole house generators:

  1. What is an automatic backup generator?

Basically, what an automatic backup generator does is supply electricity to the entire house a few seconds after the utility power is cut off. After the generator has been wired into the circuit breaker box, you won’t lose power whether you’re home or away. The beauty of whole house generators is that they can run for hours which buys you valuable time. These generators can run on either natural gas or propane. The unit itself just sits outside your house as the outside unit of a central air conditioner.

  1. What are the advantages of buying a whole house generator over a portable one?

If you’ve used a portable generator before, it is easy to appreciate the benefits of an automatic backup generator. When you put it all together, having one for your home is very convenient. It’s best to contact a general dealer in North Myrtle Beach as soon as possible. Here are some of the benefits that come along with having an automatic generator at home:

  • Automatic back generators are much safer than portable generators and are recommended by the American Red Cross.
  • The risks of carbon monoxide poisoning that comes with using a portable generator does not exist with an automatic backup generator.
  • Automatic backup generators are hooked up to the natural gas or liquid propane that is supplied to the home, ridding the need to top up fuel.
  • A whole house generator turns on a few seconds after a power outage without the need to set up extension cords.
  • There is no need to monitor the automatic backup generators as they switch on and off automatically.
  1. What is the perfect generator size for my home?

Do determine the size of generator that you need for your household, it is best to get in touch with a general dealer. Each home has a unique energy requirement. Some homes have more electrical appliances than others. Aside from that, there are also different factors that need to be considered. It often includes average energy consumption, typical electrical load, and others.

This is the reason why you should first consult with your local dealer and perform an assessment. It’s only through having an assessment that the dealer can properly calculate a more suited generator capacity. You also need to consult experts like NMB Electrician Pros for the installation of the generator and setting up the wirings connected to your circuit breaker box.

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